Thursday, September 15, 2011

What do eyes, hearts, lungs, and mouths have in common?

In writing, they are all overused to show a character's emotional response to what is happening. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then as writers we have about 1,000 times more work to do than photographers. Right? (Depressing, I know.)

Many of us (especially me) try to take short cuts when describing our characters' feelings. We often use common body parts we feel are involved in an emotional response. While this works some of the time, it can get old. In your opionin, which one is better:

        Mike was sad when he saw the sick dog


        Mike's mouth turn downward at the sight of the sick dog

Neither is all that good. The first tells the reader what Mike feels, the other uses a physical cliche to show the reader what Mike feels. A better option would be to get inside the character's thoughts so the reader can figure out what Mike feels. For example:

         The dog's skin hung loosely around its shrunken frame. Mike knew all too well what was next for the poor creature. He'd seen it often while working at the animal shelter.

There are two great blogs I dredged up that address this subject. The first is from Mary at The second is at a new blog I found called Book Binge.

"Enjoy," she said as her heart fluttered and eyes sparkled. "Thanks for stopping by my blog."
Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Best Way to Learn is Practice

     Let me begin by saying I'm no artist. However, with the world of ebooks, I feel it's good for an author to learn cover design. I'm writing a YA Historical Romance called SINS OF DOCKETVILLE. For my break from writing (which I do too often), I messed around with a cover for the book using an istockphoto. After about twenty minutes, this is what I came up with.

     Out of curisosity, where do you other indie authors like to find your cover art?

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