Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eating a Whale--My Self-pub Story

   This is a new series on my blog, and it's my story about self-publishing. I've decided to do more than self-publish, however. I'm creating my own little publishing company. The word "little" is deceptive. Despite the fact that it will be small, the amount of work involved feels HUGE! (Hence the Shel Silverstein picture of Melinda Mae eating her whale one bite at a time.)

   I'll be regularly blogging about the steps I take and the progress I make in this little venture of mine. My entries will be short most of the time (at least I hope so).  I will try and give as many good tips as I can to my readers who are interested in doing something similar. Besides, it's the details that makes things interesting.

   Oh, have a I said I plan to do this ON A BUDGET? Cause I am. My challenge is to fund my business in five ways:

   1) any money I make (and have made) on Amazon and Smashwords from previously e-pubbed books (so far that is $150).

   2) substitute teaching about once a week. I like doing this because I see my kids, and it's great undercover research for my middle grade and young adult books. I only make $55/day, so this only amounts to $220 a month minus taxes. Not much.

   3) by selling unneeded stuff around the house through classified ads. (I have a baby jogging stroller. Anyone interested?)

   4) any loose change I find doing the laundry. :)

   5) a start-up loan of $1,000.

   My desire is to see if anyone (even someone with practically no budget) can start a publishing business and make it work.

   Okay, that's it. Should be easy, right?

A few disclaimers:

   1) I'm a great writer (haha) but a messy typist. That means there will be typos on this blog. I don't want to take a ton of time perfecting these posts. I want to get the info out and get on to my many tasks. Forgive me.

   2) I have many friends who are helping me with this project. I will give them fake names to protect their online identity. Maybe they don't care, but I would hate to cause grief by not doing it. That said, dear friends, just because I give you a fake name, don't think I love you any less. :)

   Tomorrow it begins with: Choosing a Name for My Publishing Business


  1. I love your drive. I'm rooting for you! I know you can make this work!

  2. Sounds great:)

  3. That's great! Are you just looking to publish your own work, or others'? (I'm not looking, but others may be). The whale-eating metaphore is perfect!

  4. Thanks Cynthia, Shannon, and Will for your well wishes. And, as to your question Will, it's a good one. I think I will see if fellow writers want to join down the road. It wouldn't be a regular publisher/writer relationship. For me, it would be good to have works by other authors available, thereby making the company more legit and broad in scope. And as for the writer, it would be a good way for him/her to get help with distribution/marketing.

  5. First of all I love the Shel Silverstein picture I've not seen it before. Second of all - good on you, I hope you have every success. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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