Monday, April 25, 2011

English Author Anne Bradshaw Believes in Miracles

     My mother is a dreamer—not in the sense of lofty goals and high ambitions (though she has those too.) What I mean to say is that my mother’s dreams mean something. They’re not like mine, which usually consist of shattered fragments of the 40-year-old television show Star Trek. 

     The people in my mother’s dreams all have something in common—they’re related to her and they’re all dead. 

     Sound freaky? A bit paranormal? Well it’s not. My mother is into genealogy. She lives, eats, and, well . . . dreams it. Her experience is similar to the more than fifty extraordinary personal stories compiled into the heart-warming and fascinating book TRUE MIRACLES WITHGENEALOGY: HELP FROM BEYOND THE VEIL, available at Amazon and priced very reasonably. Cost is $8.99 hard copy and .99 Kindle e-book. 

     The book is by LDS author Anne Bradshaw, a writer, social media guru, and (as her genealogical research has revealed) a distant cousin to the English singer Phil Collins. :)

     The breadth and depth of the inspiring experiences recounted in TRUE MIRACLES WITH GENEALOGY is amazing --normal people having help from ancestors who want their names and stories to be found by their progenitors. 

     Take for instance the story of a paralegal specialist from Georgia. Sandra never knew her father. She did not even know what his name was, and, being of African-American descent where few records exist, she feared she would never learn his true identity. 

     One day, however, she stumbled on two telegrams to her mother dated the day she was born. Both contained the name Taliaferro. With that name as her sounding board, she was able to uncover information about her father from census records. Unfortunately, he had already died, but she was able to connect with relatives on that side of the family that told her much about his life. 

     Another of my favorites from the book is about John, a business man from Australia, whose father died from cancer. Prior to his father’s death, family members spoke to their father about the importance of him helping them find the names of long lost ancestors once he had passed from this life to the next. 

     Years later John took his daughter with him on a business trip, during which they took a spontaneous drive to the top of Mount Wellington. On their trip they ran into an “elderly chap” who just happened to be the family historian of the “Rogers clan”—the very genealogical line John had been trying to but was having trouble with. John knew his deceased father had led him there.

     To collect so many stories, Anne posted requests on various different social websites, including Facebook. Genealogists from all over the USA and from other countries responded, helping to make each story unique and surprising. 

     The book is available in hardback and electronically, a new medium that Anne enjoys because of the freedom it allows her to choose such things as the cover picture and the timing of the whole process. Of course, e-publishing takes more effort on the marketing end, but she says the job gets easier with time and new developments. Best of all, she feels it’s exciting to be part of something new and experimental.

In addition to her book on genealogy, Anne has five other titles under her belt: two LDS romance novels, TERRACOTTA SUMMER and its sequel CHAMOMILE WINTER;  a young adult book called PLEASE, NO ZITS AND OTHER SHORT STORIES FOR LDS YOUTH; FAMOUS FAMILY NIGHTS, a book geared to LDS families; and DINGO, a teen mystery/suspense. Many of these books cost only 99 cents for a Kindle version. More information on her website.

NOTE FROM LIFE OF LOIS: My next blog will go into more detail about the social media marketing efforts of Anne. Stay tune!


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  2. Super cool. I need to get out my geneaolgy again... we got stuck in the Civil War. (=


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